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A land where you realize that a visitor does not feel alienated, but a friend you have not yet met.
Realizing that at the end of his journey he seeks the warmth of a friendly face, unique experiences and new stories to tell.
Land cannot be a meal unless it is shared.
A land rooted in ancient cultures and an authentic spirit,
Her contemporary vision is the fruits of what she has learned from the past, and the spirit of progress illuminates her new future.
It is a land that offers knowledge, inspiration and enrichment of imagination thanks to the warmth and clarity of the soul.


International Standards

The first Qatari restaurants to receive
ISO certification in food safety.


Fresh Ingredients

We receive daily the finest fresh meat and fish
In addition to the finest vegetables and our "AlWaldah" rice
Because we believe choosing the best ingredients will produce the best taste for our customers.


Hygiene and Sterilization

We are fully aware of the severity of disease transmission and therefore we have maintained
Our restaurant facilities are 100% clean and sanitary.
In addition to the safe handling by our employees of the ingredients with careful care.


Distinctive Flavor

What sets us apart is the authentic flavor of the spices we make and use for our restaurants
The spices are ground and blended in a special way to reach your taste and make you stand out.


Wills and Sheep

We are ready to prepare banquets for all occasions
Such as weddings, parties and special occasions.

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